ABOUT Media Makers

Media Makers Group is a complete interactive marketing and advertising agency with In -house printing and production lines. We conceive, design and produce various Visual/audio channels to correspond your product to every sector in the market

PR and Social Media

A good PR agency increases clients’ presence in the market by developing Name and Brand recognition in various active platforms, enriching clients investments and adds clarity to company's growth plan.

Creative Design

Using an in-depth understanding of advertising and composite designs we create visual messages to influence and inspire, with a talented artistic team on board we guarantee you the whole 20 seconds of your viewer attention and more!.

Our Strategy

“Creative without strategy is called ‘art’. Creative with strategy is called ‘advertising’” – Ries and Trout

We believe that shaping the future depends on developing our people and satisfying our clients, we aspire to combine management vision with our team talent to continuously develop our services and people, sustaining a stable successful growth pattern.

Our strategy focuses on highlighting the importance of the Global Agency Tools and incorporating such in our daily work plans. Why? To increase our market value awareness and existence and elevate the public nonconscious understanding of the influential value of continues updated information feed, creative artwork concepts and graphic design. Eventually reaching a degree of progress where we revive the modern media planning.

Our Work

Media Makers teams around the Middle East will support your requirements of Design, Printing, Material, Production, Exhibition stands, booths, Installations & Assemblies, Gift Items, Customized Marketing Objects and Points of Sale, whether it’s a marketing campaign or an event, private or Public exhibition and conference we will service it from A to Z.

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MediaMakers Team

Meet the real talents behind the Scenes, great entrepreneurs, directors, artists and ambitious team members.

Tamer Kayed

General Manager

Ahmad Kayed

Business Development Manager

Yaser Al Amri

HR & Financial Manager


Production Manager

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Our Clients

Different continents, countries with various nations and cultures, no matter where your business is situated we will reach you and we will serve you. So many different requirements but all with one specific target; Get the Massage to The Right Audience !

And we will do it.

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